domingo, 25 de maio de 2014

Friday, 23rd.

Well, I woke up a little bit later as I went to bed 2:00 am, went to the balcony to say "hello to the sun"
and I saw a car parked in front of my apartment with a sticky saying: "One Life. Live It". I told to myself: OK Sir, look at that message, live it! :-)
So at 11:30am, we went to Masai Market (itinerant market) around Village Market Mall.
The market was much better this time as we hadn't a lot of people around and pushing us to buy the things within the market.
I bought some really nice stuffs like carvings in ebony wood, paints, beads and other stuffs that you can find only in Kenya. But I have to say that I've spent some minutes bargaining with the sellers in order to get a good price on the things....
We got into the Village Mall and I ordered a pizza and shared with Mariana... She took a picture on that moment to record my "welfare"..haha.... I took one of her too, so we're even :-)

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