domingo, 11 de maio de 2014



After a very busy week, it's Friday, but don't think it's done.. a lot of work still needs to be done. Murphy's law: we woke up even more earlier (6:45 am) to ensure we are going to be in time for the interviews but unfortunately our cab picked up us late, got the wrong way, and to make it worse, we got stuck on the traffic jam (as usual).
We arrived on KEPSA office later due to that. The interview was very productive and a lot of questions were cleared. After that, we went to DOT office and interviewed Eunices from DOT team about internship program and their perspectives as employers.
Finally, we went to IBM to have a lunch with Guilhermo (HR) and get his point of view about internship program on Kenya.
At night, we had a dinner at Secret Garden Cafe and it was a good choice to commemorate the accomplishments for this week. By the way, I've chosen a glazed pork chops and they were stupendous.

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