quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2014

Working & cooking as well.

Woke up at 7:30 am, took some coffee. Working from my apartment so far. Jackie and Heli went to the interviews on IBM, DOT and United States International University.
At 11:00am I went to the Uchumi Supermarket on Sarit Centre Mall and bought some stuffs for cooking.  
Got back to Riverside Pearls in the afternoon and stayed here working on the presentation and mid-term documents. Tomorrow we will have one more meeting with the client (FKE) to show them what we have done so far and prepare for the mid-term review.
At night.. cooking & working :-)

And what do think I bought to cook? It quite easy, "piece of (pan)cake" to answer this question for the people who know me... 
Answer: I bought ingredients to prepare Brazilian Pancakes of course! and the result is below:

Multiple burners.
Multiple pans, multiple arms.
Hey Pancake, are you ready to take off?
Air Pancake
Double Back Flip
Safe landing, hakuna matata!
Landscape 1
Landscape 2  my stomach

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