quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2014

Monday - 19th

Actually today Sunday, 25th, but as I promised to post what I did every week and considering that this 3rd week was one of the busiest I think it's still within the schedule and I have enough excuses to explain why I couldn't post here in a daily basis. The reason was: bunch of work this week.
So, the 3rd week started with a lot of work to be done. 
On Monday we stayed on Riverside Pearls working together on the mid-term presentation to be presented to FKE on Tuesday. In summary: brainstorming with my group, bunch of slides, reports, plenty of work.
Jackie was not feeling very well :-(.. We missed you Super Jackie!!!
It's really nice to see how the project seemed to be in the beginning,  like a "Scary Monster"  and now it's like a  quite tangible stuff... well, lessons learned:  IBMers can do anything, even in the most challenging projects/deliverable, even out of their knowledge ares, it's really impressive! Proud to be part of this...

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