sexta-feira, 16 de maio de 2014

Special Day with Special People.

 In the morning Jackie and I got back to Federation of Kenyan Employers for a check point/status meeting and we've shown them what we have done so far in terms of research and interviews related to educational institutions, internship programs, students and employers (companies). It was a very nice meeting and the expectations were set up.
After that we got back to Riverside apartments, took the bus and went to a really special place called Jacaranda which is a school for mentally handicapped kids.
We split IBM Team in 4 different teams and we played volleyball and other games with the kids and other (I was from red team - look at red bandana in my neck which identifies my team), had a lunch with them, sang Jambo Song to them and also, we had the opportunity to be part of the kids presentation where they sang different songs to us, dancing and making our day even more special!!
 I was touched when I saw  the wonderful work they do for the special kids with very few resources and I'm sure I'll never forget that.
It's a kind of work that makes the World better and inclusive for everyone, CONGRATULATIONS to Jacaranda School!!!
 Thank you God, IBM, Kenya  and Jacaranda School for give me the opportunity to experience that, it's definitely a life changing experience and I'm so proud of being here that I can't express by words.
Suit & tie again and waiting for the cab from my veranda... again ;-)
Going to Jacaranda.
Training Jambo Song and laughing (a lot)

 Bead collars & Bracelets made by Jacaranda's kids.
More beautiful hand-made beads.


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