domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Saturday ....

It's Saturday and most of the team went to Amboseli safari. So, Mariana, Maria and I went to the Tea Farm called Kiambethu in Lumuru and it was an amazing day. Kenya is famous for its Tea (exported to several countries including England) and its coffee. We had a deep details presentation (hosted by the owner of the farm, Anne) about how it's produced, the types of tea, history about her family, etc.
We had the opportunity to walk on the farm and understand how they cultivate tea plants and also, walk in indigenous forest with a Kenyan resident guide who identified the plants like citronella and explained us how they are traditionally used.
After that, we had a traditional and WONDERFUL British lunch in a idyllic place.
Our Saturday couldn't be better.
We went to Masai Market to buy souvenirs however we didn't stay there for much time as it was a mess. I bought a hand-made ebony wood carving gazelle, some key-holders, a small Masai Mara statuette and some magnets and got back to the cab quickly.

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