domingo, 11 de maio de 2014

Thank God!!! Arrival on Nairobi, Kenya!


Arrival on Kenya on May, 2nd... Safe flight with lading at 10 PM local time...I was in the same flight as Maria (from Slovakia) and Luke Davenport (from US) and we took some coffee together on Schipol Airport. The cab was already waiting for us on Jomo Kenyatta Airport and we've gone directly to the RiverSide Pearls apartments... First impression of Nairobi? Yes, I can answer: A M A Z I N G city!!! We definitely don't know the real Africa, only being here you can experience how amazing it is.
About the apartments/infrastructure: they are HUGE, strategic located (closer to our clients) and in a safe place. There is a huge pool and gym. I had hard times with the internet access in the beginning but now it seems to be fixed.
About Kenyan people: they are fantastic, friendly and supportive. DOT folks are awesome. 
About IBM CSC Kenya 8 Team: Consisted by people from 11 different countries, with utmost skills and professionalism, good sense of humor as well :-)
About food: You can find everything here, like a western food, Indian, traditional.... they used to be more spicy and with curry and yes, based on the food, I could live here with no problems ;-)

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