terça-feira, 13 de maio de 2014

Jambo! Jambo Bwana! Hakuna Matata!

Woke up at 7:00 am, took some coffee. Got back to the apartment to continue the research. Interviews will be conducted in the afternoon on Kenyatta University, Intercontinental Hotel (with Esther from e-Mentoring) and on Riverside Pearls apartment (with Muriuki's daughters). 
We are already working in a draft for the mid-term review/presentation with the client and consolidating the results of the interviews. We will also draft the conclusion, recommendations & proposed framework based on our research and interview results. 
Bakul and I stayed at the apartment to work on the slides and research. I ordered a pizza called Chicago thinking it would be the same or at least similar to that one I ate in the Mall (see the picture below) but this one was quite different as they put pineapple mixed with cheese and red/green pepper, so in summary, the pizza from the Mall makes me happy, however this one, I guest not. Lessons learned: same pizza's name doesn't mean same flavor, nor ingredients if you order from different places.
Girls went went to the interviews.
At night, Muriuki and Mildred will join us to see how the projects are going and have a Chinese dinner. Also, I need to listen & train Jambo song (in Swahili language, Kenya's original language) for our visit to Jacaranda School for Mentally Handicapped. We will sing this song for the kids :-). I brought almost 2 kilos of candies from Brazil to distribute there to the kids as well.

Here it goes the song and the translation: 

Jambo Bwana & Translations
Jambo bwana
Hi Sir
Habari gani?
How are you?
Mzuri sana
Very fine
Wageni mwakaribishwa
Visitors are welcome
Kenya yetu
In our Kenya
Hakuna matata
(there are) no worries

Nice gifts (Bracelet and Sticky) I received from Muriuki's Daughters after Chinese dinner.


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