sexta-feira, 23 de maio de 2014

Tuesday - Mid-term presentation to the client and Brazilian Steak House at night

D-Day: Mid-term presentation to Federation of Kenyan Employers (FKE). A lots of work in the morning to decide who was going to present what slide and final tuning...In the afternoon we went to Waajiri House, FKE headquarter to present.
Celia Moore, Director Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs, EMEA, Mildred from IBM and Muriuki Murithi (from DOT, Digital Opportunity Trust) joined us.
It was like one hour of presentation followed by a long session of questions... it was really productive and our team did well. 

In the evening our Team went to "Fogo Gaucho", a Brazilian Steak House in Kenya!!! You can't imagine how it was ... 
I was looking like a child in the playground!!! Taking pictures of everything within the Churrascaria, listening to Brazilian songs and eating a lot of MEAT!!! I think my buddies got scarred with the amount of meat I ate there... but I was really missing a barbecue, so guys, pls pardon me ! :-)
The steak house is really a traditional Brazilian Churrascaria, with the same kind of meats you can find in Brazil, like Picanha, Contra-Filé, Filé Mignon and others... It's pretty much the same, excepts the CROCODILE meat, yes I said CROCODILE!!! (ate and approved :-)

I met the restaurant owner, a Brazilian guy from Paraná who has been living in Kenya for 9 years....He was very kind and we had a very good service there. 
I really enjoyed (and I'm sure our group too) everything, it was like a perfect day, couldn't be better!

"The meaning of  happiness"

Crocodile mixed with Brazilian Steaks
OMG!!! Picanha!

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